• The rise and rise of carbon as a strategic priority

    Despite political disappointments and recession, proactive carbon management is still the smart option, argues Paul Dickinson, chief executive officer of the Carbon Disclosure Project

  • Survival of the greenest – the future of carbon footprinting

    Debbie Hobbs, principal with Environ, explains how companies need to approach the task of measuring their overall greenhouse gas emissions

  • Ten tips for a successful low-carbon business

    Rob Wylie draws on experience as a venture capitalist with WHEB Ventures to suggest dos and don’ts for the low-carbon entrepreneur

  • Aviation in the EU ETS

    Airlines are recovering from another contraction – and must now gear up for emissions trading and managing a new class of risk. Andreas Arvanitakis of Point Carbon reports

  • A challenging year

    Miles Austin picks out the lows and highs of what could turn out to be the carbon market’s most difficult year to date

  • Tesco’s growing pains on the road to zero-carbon

    The ENDS Report’s James Richens explores how Tesco is trying to meet its pledge to become zero-carbon by 2050 while continuing to grow

  • Still a long way to go

    Craig Mackenzie and Stewart McMahon of ENDS Carbon examine the long tail of carbon performance in large UK companies

  • New approaches in exchange-based emissions trading

    Exchange trading with a central counterparty offers increased security and efficiency and more convenience, argues Robert Ertl

  • Last call on climate

    Andrew Glikson presents a warning from the past and a blueprint for an emergency CO2 draw-down effort

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