• Penetrating the verbal fog of war

    As the UN climate talks in Copenhagen draw near, the inevitable use of spin is being deployed to manage expectations and evade obligations. Tom Burke calls for the underlying goal to be kept in sight

  • Copenhagen – what’s in it for us?

    ENDS Report editor Nicholas Schoon examines the likely impacts of the UN climate summit’s outcome on politics and policy in Europe and Britain

  • Can markets count on Copenhagen?

    There is uncertainty aplenty about the post-2012 carbon market as Kyoto Protocol targets reach their expiry date. Paul Hatchwell looks at the implications

  • Cognitive dissonance on a global scale

    The widely targeted 2°C limit on rises in global temperatures might not be safe and global emissions cuts of 50% by 2050 would leave a high risk of this level being exceeded. Simon Evans reports

  • Time to call a limit on transport carbon

    Fast-growing emissions from international transport must be brought under control. But ENDS Report deputy editor Philip Lightowlers finds long delays en route

  • Shipping

  • Aviation

  • No global deal for high-carbon industry

    There are strong arguments for global agreements to curb greenhouse gas emissions from energy-intensive sectors such as cement, steel, aluminium and agriculture. James Richens explains why the idea has so far come to nothing

  • Wanted: hard cash to halt deforestation

    Reducing carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation should be an important part of a new global climate treaty. Catherine Early reports on the ‘REDD solution’

  • A history of emissions and climate diplomacy

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