• Introduction

  • Ambition and action

    EREC secretary-general Christine Lins offers a forecast of renewable energy growth in Europe and argues for its benefits to member states

  • Mechanics of balance

    Cooperation mechanisms and a stronger focus on heating and cooling are crucial for the plans, urges Eurelectric secretary-general Hans ten Berge

  • How countries are planning to meet their targets

    Most member states expect to meet their renewable energy targets, but these vary in ambition and face technological and economic realities

  • Enter the renewables revolution

    Scratching the surface of EU countries’ renewables goals reveals a tortoise and hare race to greening energy supplies

  • The economics of renewables

    Countries’ ability to build capacity will determine whether they can meet their targets. Financing this growth will pose a major challenge

  • Europe plans renewables future

    Member states’ National Renewable Energy Action Plans set out strategies for boosting green power supplies by 2020

  • Will government policies rise to the renewables challenge?

    Feed-in tariffs and planning reforms are on the cards, but few governments are ready to spell out detailed policies

  • What stands in the way of renewables development?

    Electricity grid access and public acceptance of infrastructure upgrades pose significant challenges for bringing more renewables on-line

  • Conclusion

    Addressing grid, social and funding obstacles is the key to bolstering the renewables revolution swiftly taking hold in Europe

  • Data tables

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