• CRC at the crossroads

    The ENDS Report’s carbon and energy efficiency editor James Richens introduces our latest guide to the CRC amid the uncertainty of the scheme’s reform.

  • What does the future hold for the CRC?

    Just as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme hits its stride the government is proposing to change it. James Richens looks at the options, from modest simplification to radical overhaul, including replacing it with a new carbon tax

  • Quick guide to the CRC

  • Meeting the energy efficiency challenge

    Uncertainty has clouded the CRC’s future during its introductory phase. Against this difficult backdrop, Paul Hatchwell considers what has been achieved so far and the challenges ahead

  • Steering the CRC through uncertainty

    Roz Bulleid catches up with the CRC’s administrator and chief regulator as it prepares for the start of emissions reporting

  • Case studies: challenging times and targets ahead

    The CRC is another factor driving energy efficiency and carbon management. ENDS looks at how a local authority, a water firm, a supermarket chain and a university are responding

  • Glossary

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