An independent report on how voluntary carbon offsetting is weathering the economic storm and delivering value.


  • About the author

  • Introduction

    Voluntary carbon offsetting has been battered but is still managing to stake out a viable future for itself, says Charles Henderson

  • The toughest year

    How voluntary offsetting is faring after the setbacks of Copenhagen, the credit crunch and the recession

  • Raising the bar

    Voluntary offset standards have strengthened markedly, while criticism of compliance schemes has grown

  • Standards and accountability

  • Buyers wise up

    How leading voluntary offsetters are exploring new and emerging approaches to capture value

  • Enter the banks

    The carbon offset supply industry has been shaken up by the entry of major financial institutions

  • Players and deals

  • Interest groups

  • Projects and pipelines

  • Green capital

    What started with carbon could lead to instruments valuing the full range of ecosystem services

  • Quick links to key reports

    Visit for a detailed list of carbon offset providers and links to carbon offsetting news updates on the web.

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