ENDS Report Weekly, 20 January 2011

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The Environment Tools Directory - save time and money finding the right solution

Find the best suited environmental accounting, carbon footprinting or sustainability performance monitoring software solutions through our network of users and vendors. The Environment Tools Directory lists over 450 environmental software tools and can help you find right solution quickly. If you are a software tool vendor, register your software now and maximise your market reach. Click here to search the directory.

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Climate Change Agreements revisited
The government should be careful before reinventing CCAs - if simplification is pushed too far it risks creating peverse outcomes, or even greater complexity.


The Castle Debates 2011 - Environmental aspects: science, law and policy

The inaugural Castle Debates 2011 – a series of high level environmental debates with leading scientific, legal and governmental speakers, organized in association with the Law Society and Sykes Environmental - will be held on a monthly basis between February and June 2011. The debates will address: The future for renewable energy and heat; Sustainable buildings; UK water security; Sustainable transport; Farming and food security. For more information or to register, click here

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