ENDS Report Weekly, 27 January 2011

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Green Monday - the leading event for corporate sustainability leaders.

Green Monday is the leading event for corporate sustainability leaders. Please join us on February 7th in Central London, for a combination of talks, round tables and meetings, with Michael Liebreich, CEO of Bloomberg: New Energy Finance and Peter Lacy of Accenture looking at Strategic Opportunities and Unlocking Strategies. Apply now

Top Stories


Energy from Waste 2011 - Multi technology solutions for a low carbon economy

Taking place on 16–17 February 2011 in London, this isthe industry’s leading event on all aspects of waste derived energy, heat and fuel. 

Lord Henley, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, DEFRA

Isabella Connell, Head of BioEnergy, ORED, DECC

David Kennedy, Chief Executive, Committee on Climate Change

For more information click here, telephone 01722 717031 or email events@markallengroup.co.uk

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