ENDS Report , 20 July 2011



  • Property owners avoid renewables

    Major property companies own fewer than two dozen renewables generation systems in spite of planning requirements and financial incentives. There are structural barriers to this situation changing, they say
  • Business split on carbon reporting plans

    Retailers and many other large companies support the government’s plans to introduce mandatory carbon reporting, but manufacturers are opposed
  • CRC simplification plans fail to satisfy business

    The government has decided to retain a simplified form of the CRC which no longer includes emissions trading. But trade bodies say the plans do not go far enough

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ENDS Legal Compliance Community - a tailored solution to environmental compliance

When it comes to environmental law, you need to know more than just what it says – you need to understand it and how it will affect your business. The ENDS Legal Compliance Community will provide you with a tailored information resource to maintain your environmental obligations. Download the brochure here or contact Daniel Keogh on 020 8267 8104 or at daniel.keogh@haymarket.com for more information.


The Environment Tools Directory - New resource for local authorities

The Environment Tools Directory is a new resource for councils identifying the key datasets and software tools for community and council carbon reduction activities. Developed by an expert group on behalf of DECC, see the list of 55 tools to read and review here