ENDS Report Weekly, 25 August 2011

Top Stories

Top Stories

  • It's been painful but we're still here – Leinster

    The UK’s environmental regulator has shed thousands of staff, but its chief executive is content that only a minority have left through compulsory redundancy
  • High hopes for a green recovery laid low

    At a time when the UK’s green economy badly needs a boost, the government’s newly published roadmap leaves many unimpressed. David Carr and James Richens investigate
  • Moving food waste out of landfill and into AD

    The UK aims to avoid sending household food waste to landfill by recycling it into fertiliser and biogas. Philip Lightowlers and Nicholas Schoon examine whether council’s food waste collections and anaerobic digestion plants can fulfill their potential


Practically Driving Behavioural Change To Demonstrably Reduce Your Energy Usage

Join ENDS’s first live webinar on 21st September to hear from experts how to drive staff behavioural change to create a noticeable uplift on the bottom line and prove your value to the board. You can secure your free place at www.endswebinars.com


B4E Business for the Environment - Climate Summit London

B4E Business for the Environment – Climate Summit 2011 London will assemble business leaders and other stakeholders to share solutions for achieving zero-based targets. Discussions will focus on bold new technologies leading companies have already established. Outcomes of the discussions will be used to provide input to COP 17, Rio+ and other global processes. More

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