ENDS Report , 26 October 2011



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The cruellest month

The plan to consult on an 80mph speed limit is the clearest case to date of the coalition government saying that cutting carbon is of secondary, or tertiary, importance.

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Can business continue to lead the sustainability agenda?

ENDS presents this evening roundtable in London on 30 November. Debate will be led by John Elkington, Executive Chairman, Volans, Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer, and Peter Madden, CEO, Forum for the Future. Attendance is free by invitation. To apply for a place please email rory.bocock@haymarket.com (tel: 020 8267 4657).


The Environment Tools Directory - New resource for local authorities

The Environment Tools Directory is a new resource for councils identifying the key datasets and software tools for community and council carbon reduction activities. Developed by an expert group on behalf of DECC, see the list of 55 tools to read and review here