• Carbon reduction gives businesses a competitive edge

    BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, sponsor of ENDS’ fourth report on the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, outlines its industry’s green role

  • A rich new seam

    The CRC’s long-awaited performance league table provides a wealth of information on more than 2,000 organisations’ carbon emissions, says Nicholas Schoon, editor of the ENDS Report

  • Who’s top, who’s bottom, and who cares?

    The Environment Agency’s first CRC performance league table marks a major advance in carbon reporting, Paul Hatchwell reports

  • How did different sectors score?

    What does the early action metric reveal about the performance of different sectors?

  • The case of the missing lawyers

    ENDS’ analysis of emissions from the UK’s biggest law firms finds an anomaly in the CRC scheme. Nicholas Schoon investigates

  • Why no CO2 for Veolia?

    Tiny, zero or negative footprints are another CRC curiosity

  • Leaders and laggards: how they took on the CRC challenge

    ENDS questioned the biggest CRC emitters on the measures they have undertaken to improve energy efficiency. By James Richens

  • How carbon-intensive are hotels, universities and hospitals?

    Paul Hatchwell analyses CRC data to compare the carbon-cutting performance of organisations in three very different sectors

  • A carbon price shock – then a great CRC simplification

    Plans for an overhaul of the CRC are nearing completion, despite strong opposition. But government insists the scheme remains more than a mere tax, says Nick Schoon

  • A selection of DECC’s simplification proposals for the CRC

    This is a selection of the energy and climate department's proposals to simplify the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

  • CRC boosts the green economy

    Evidence from a range of companies suggests the efficiency scheme is driving growth in greener technology. James Richens reports

  • Total breakdown

    The CRC covers 61 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. The figure below shows how this divides up between sectors


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