ENDS Report Weekly, 25 July 2013

ENDS latest special report examines the past and future of ISO 14001, from the first stirrings of interest in an environmental management standard at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio to the latest international committee meeting in Botswana this summer. See it free here, or read it bound in to our August print journal.

Top Stories

Top Stories

  • Pathfinders: insights from sustainability managers

    A good head for business, excellent influencing skills and bags of determination are just some of the attributes needed by today’s sustainability managers. James Richens interviews six business professionals to find out more about this challenging role
  • Habitats Directive: in need of Europe’s protection?

    Green groups are concerned that the main environmental casualty of the UK renegotiating its relationship with Europe will be habitat protection. But is there any need to worry? Alex Marshall reports

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