ENDS Report Waste & Resources, 17 September 2013

In this week's bulletin, England finally introduces a bag tax  - a decade after former environment minister Michael Meacher first floated the idea. ENDS also looks at whether Santander's latest renewables investment in Suffolk is part of a solar farm boom.

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  • Plastic bag charge for England from 2015

    Nick Clegg has made the introduction of carrier bag charging for large shops in England a key policy announcement at this year’s Liberal Democrat conference
  • Building starts on 32MW Suffolk solar farm

    The start of construction on a Suffolk solar farm is a sign of investor confidence, although other solar commercial developments in England are running into local opposition
  • Rise in serious pollution from AD plants

    The waste sector was responsible for a growing number of pollution incidents in 2012, with biological technologies proving a particular problem
  • MEPs approve cap on crop-based biofuels

    A European parliament decision to limit biofuels made from crops to 6% of European transport fuel consumption has failed to satisfy either industry or campaign groups
  • Ofwat challenges Thames Water’s bill hike

    Ofwat has reacted to Thames Water’s request to increase water bills next year by saying it will claw back sewage network under-spending and return this to customers

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