• UK shale gas and the environment: finding the truth

    The key to having a good understanding of the challenges and risks of shale gas extraction is reliable information, says RPS

  • The shale gas revolution: how big could it get?

    The potential of shale gas is huge. But there are challenges along the way finds Alex Marshall

  • New to the neighbourhood

    The local amenity impacts of shale gas are potentially significant and will require careful management, reports Isabella Kaminski

  • Managing contamination risks

    Operators will need to learn from US experience and give top priority to avoiding groundwater pollution, finds Simon Evans

  • Seismicity: a case of the shakes

    Earthquake risk is seen as a potential show stopper. The issues are actually quite subtle, writes Simon Inglethorpe

  • Climate change: the elephant in the room

    Home grown shale gas could benefit the economy and provide energy security. But is it reconcilable with a low-carbon future, asks Paul Hatchwell

  • Navigating towards permission

    A streamlined regulatory and planning regime for shale is being put in place but public opinion will still have the final say, reports Alex Marshall


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