ENDS Report Waste & Resources, 29 October 2013

Powers to stop recyclable materials entering landfill and being incinerated feature in a Welsh Environment Bill white paper.

A £1m DEFRA loan helped build the north east's first commercial food waste AD plant which opened this week.

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  • Wales seeks landfill and incineration bans

    Wales is planning to legislate to keep potentially valuable recyclable materials out of landfill and incinerators. Improving the quantity and quality of recycling in Wales has emerged as a major priority in a proposed Welsh Environment Bill
  • DEFRA to review glass recycling target

    The amount of glass packaging on the market and its predicted future growth have both been overstated, a report has found
  • The circular economy meets wastewater

    Centralised treatment of organic wastes in sewage works and recovering phosphate from wastewaters have a role to play in establishing the circular economy
  • £8m food waste AD plant opens in north-east

    Emerald Biogas has opened a food waste anaerobic digestion plant in County Durham, to supply heat and power to local businesses

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