ENDS Report Morning Headlines, 30 October 2013

ENDS special report: UK shale gas and the environment

ENDS latest special report investigates the real environmental implications of fracking and the key sustainability challenges facing a future UK onshore shale energy industry.

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  • Analysis

    Testing times for water

    Recent changes to the EU Water Framework Directive could leave targets for improving river water status in tatters, finds Simon Evans
  • Analysis

    Green Deal: the benefits and risks

    Home energy efficiency improvement projects are increasing, but most happen outside the Green Deal so miss the scheme’s additional consumer protection. Paul Hatchwell looks into the details
  • Analysis

    Plastics recycling: Facing the five-year challenge

    Plastic packaging faces tough recycling targets over the next five years which will require a change in culture to achieve. Philip Lightowlers examines how industry and government intend to win through
  • Comment

    Application of access to green information laws

    A European advocate general has published an opinion overturning a UK decision on whether privatised firms are subject to access to environmental information rules.
  • Comment

    What gifts EU green policy gives the UK

    The EU’s environment policy provides consistency, consensus and a level playing field for business. If the UK left the union, it would have no rollback of green measures and no influence over future direction
  • £8m food waste AD plant opens in north-east

    Emerald Biogas has opened a food waste anaerobic digestion plant in County Durham, to supply heat and power to local businesses

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