ENDS Report Land, Ecology & Development, 30 January 2014

In this week's ENDS Specialist bulletin read the latest on DEFRA's flood defence budget. Professor Richard Macrory's legal commentary covers several important rulings on environmental regulation/insolvency and the quashing of planning permission over defective EIAs.

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  • DEFRA rejects £1.4bn flooding shortfall claim

    Debate over spending on flood protection is set to continue after the government said it “does not recognise” figures issued by the Committee on Climate Change. These were meant to draw a line under the issue
  • Supreme Court rejects HS2 appeals

    The government has not breached environmental assessment directives while progressing the high-speed rail project, the court says
  • Remedies, costs and liquidators

    The closing months of 2013 saw a trio of significant judgments in the courts concerning various important aspects of environmental law.

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