ENDS Report Energy, 5 February 2014


  • Confusion surrounds EU’s 2030 renewables plan

    Renewables firms are disappointed with the EU’s decision not to set binding renewables targets for member states for 2030. But supporters of the move are worried the commission may perform a volte face
  • DECC plans to further water down ECO

    The big six energy firms will be allowed to count past efforts towards domestic energy efficiency targets under ECO, potentially reducing ambition by 15%. The scheme has already been cut back.
  • Unlocking investment in low-carbon electricity

    Energy market reform was much needed but some elements are a cause for concern for investors. Last-minute policy changes have already dented confidence.
  • Less than a third support fracking, says DECC survey

    But a University of Nottingham survey – the UK’s longest-running – shows support is stronger among people who know what shale gas is
  • DECC confirms 2012 emissions rise

    The government trumpeted the fact the UK met its first carbon budget when releasing final emissions figures for 2012. But it could not hide the fact emissions rose during the year
  • Final twist for EU ETS backloading fix

    A temporary fix for the ailing EU emissions trading scheme has been approved, but objections from a minority of MEPs could still reduce its impact.

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