ENDS Report Environment & Sustainability Management, 30 June 2014

In this week's bulletin, a UNEP study reveals that the environmental impact of plastic to the consumer goods sector is valued at $75bn per year and the Welsh government has launched a green growth prospectus to drive sustainable investment.

Also, this month's feature looks at the role of sustainable jet fuel in reducing aviation's carbon emissions.

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  • Is biofuel aviation’s green ticket?

    Sustainable jet fuel can cut emissions but output is far from the levels needed to deliver significant savings, finds Kyla Mandel. A global market-based measure is needed for immediate carbon reductions
  • EU project maps global resource footprints

    Embodied GHG emissions, water, land and materials in EU imports increases its environmental footprint the CREEA research project shows. The UK imports almost 24 million cubic metres of embodied water alone
  • Wales bids for green business investment

    The Welsh government’s new green growth prospectus says the sustainable use of its natural resources can create long-term economic growth
  • Environmental impact of plastic valued at $75bn per year

    A UNEP study reveals the financial risk to the consumer goods sector from plastic’s impact on GHG emissions and oceans. The food sector is responsible for 23% of the cost

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