ENDS Report Weekly, 18 September 2014

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Scottish independence – yes or no?

With the results of the Scottish referendum vote about to break, here's a chance to read ENDS' past analysis of what independence may mean for the environment.

At the start of the year, the Scottish government said environment and energy policies would remain largely the same in an independent country.

But a draft Independence Bill published in June outlined ambitious commitments to tackle climate change and conserve biodiversity and natural resources, and legal experts expect "profound changes".

Energy became a hot topic in the spring, with DECC saying independence would undermine the UK’s energy system and hike up energy bills. More recently, there were signs that independence could lower the UK’s appeal for renewables investment.

And there is no clear answer as to who would be liable for decommissioning nuclear plants, North Sea oil and gas infrastructure and coal mine closures.

The possibility of independence also has implications beyond Scotland, leaving big infrastructure decisions unmade.

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