ENDS Report Environmental Law, 1 May 2015

In this week's compliance bulletin, ClientEarth has won a major case against DEFRA for failing to put in place adequate air quality plans, SEPA's chief executive talks to us about his new role and Greenpeace has lodged a judicial review to investigate the government’s allocation of fishing quotas.

The May edition of the ENDS Report is also out, featuring an analysis of the coalition's green credentials over the last five years and a detailed look at the environment and energy pledges set out in the manifestos of the main parties

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  • Five years on: did we get the ‘greenest government ever’?

    ENDS looks at the environmental performance of a coalition government that set itself the laudable challenge of being the greenest ever, despite savage spending cuts and an increasingly deregulatory agenda. The picture is very mixed
  • Five years on: waste

    Over the past five years, DEFRA’s leadership on waste policy and the government’s commitment to a forward-thinking resources strategy have come under increasing scrutiny from industry and MPs
  • Five years on: water

    The passing of the Water Act was the government’s indelible stamp on the water sector and one the most important pieces of environmental law introduced this parliament
  • Five years on: air quality

    Despite increasing evidence of its negative environmental and health impacts, and high associated costs, the past five years have been marked by procrastination and regressive government action on air quality
  • Five years on: biodiversity

    Biodiversity policy started so well. In 2011, the coalition government published the first natural environment white paper for 20 years in which it pledged to be the “first generation to leave the natural environment in a better state than it inherited”
  • Five years on: energy

    This parliament closes at a conflicted time for energy politics. The government entered office on the back of a globally leading climate pledge and with a mandate to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future
  • Manifestos: the next five years

    Ahead of this month’s general election, ENDS examines the environmental commitments made in each political party’s manifesto

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