ENDS Report Environmental Law, 3 July 2015

In this week's compliance bulletin, councils are assessing more local sites as high-risk in terms of pollution prevention, Wales is consulting on new oil storage rules while SEPA is asking for views on its revised regulatory charging regime.

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  • Hydropower: Time to go with the flow

    Hydropower projects account for a small but growing share of the UK’s electricity generating capacity. But what impact is it having on the environment? asks Robin Lancaster
  • Hydropower box 2: Regulatory action

    The Angling Trust has been vocal in its criticism of many hydro schemes in the UK because of the impact on fish
  • Hydropower box 1: The UK landscape

    There was almost 1.72 gigawatts of natural flow hydro capacity in the UK in 2014, representing about 2% of country’s total installed capacity and 7.1% of UK renewables capacity, according to DECC

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