ENDS Report Energy, 30 September 2015


  • CRC faces axe in energy efficiency policy shake-up

    Abolition of the CRC and a move to a single climate and energy tax are at the core of a major treasury consultation on business energy efficiency taxation
  • Carney warns of ‘catastrophic’ climate risks to economy

    Risks from extreme weather and a carbon asset bubble will threaten the economy without prompt action on decarbonisation and better disclosure, says the Bank of England chief
  • White Rose CCS project at risk as Drax pulls out

    Company blames government U-turns on renewables as it exits consortium planning a large carbon capture and storage power station, putting the project in jeopardy
  • Energy policy rollbacks prompt intervention from CCC

    Sudden policy changes and cuts to renewable energy funding have prompted an intervention by the advisory Committee on Climate Change, urgently calling for policy clarity to avoid higher costs and missed carbon targets beyond 2020
  • EU ministers confirm Paris negotiating stance

    A binding climate treaty that would halve global emissions by 2050 with a five yearly ratchet mechanism for enhancing targets are at the heart of the EU’s negotiating position for Paris
  • Al Gore ‘puzzled’ by climate policy reversals

    Britain’s roll-back of renewable energy support and leading role in climate policy ahead of the crucial Paris summit have been challenged by former vice-president Al Gore, as business calls for policy certainty
  • Top global firms commit to 100% renewable energy

    Global companies including Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble and Starbucks have committed to source all of their electricity from renewable sources
  • Mandatory reporting: two years on

    Mandatory carbon reporting has been in force for several years, with notable if patchy progress. Paul Hatchwell looks at advances made ahead of a policy review that could yet threaten its existence
  • Parallel worlds in collision

    Just six months ago the future of energy supply seemed clear, with the smart money on a low-carbon transition to renewable generation, decentralised energy and demand-side management. Fast forward to the autumn and the landscape looks very different
  • Close the door to save energy and cut pollution

    Retailers using an open-door policy this autumn are blowing away their green credentials. Arguments that closed doors keep away customers are quickly dispelled

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