ENDS Report Issue 493, March 2016

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Highlights in this issue

  • Isabella Kaminski, deputy editor, ENDS Report

    A law unto themselves


    Isabella Kaminski: In its excitement to cut the perceived maelstrom of red tape, Westminster has forgotten that its job is also to legislate

  • About 85% of the UK's land area is in use, placing pressure on soils. Photograph: Michael Smith/123RF

    Save our soils


    Soil degradation is reaching a critical level in the UK but successive governments seem intent on weakening what little policy protection it has. Rachel Salvidge looks at what challenges and opportunities lie ahead

  • Michael Jacobs, senior adviser to the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate

    Paris Agreement: what next for business?


    The historic Paris Agreement aims to cap global warming at 1.5-2°C. Paul Hatchwell talked to Michael Jacobs, senior adviser to the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, about implications for UK and international policymakers and business

  • Environment Agency’s director of legal services Peter Kellett Exclusive

    The EA’s approach to enforcement undertakings


    Peter Kellett, the Environment Agency’s director of legal services, explains the regulator’s approach to considering enforcement undertakings under the Environmental Permitting Regulations

  • Adrian Johnson, technical director and sustainability leader, MWH

    Paris Agreement will speed up cities’ water leadership


    Adrian Johnson: Driven by growing populations and climate risks, cities are innovating to improve water resilience. Carbon reduction and material efficiency are just some of the benefits

  • Richard Macrory, professor of environmental law, University College London

    EU fisheries reform fails to live up to green hopes


    Richard Macrory: Environmental concerns should not take precedence over social and economic considerations when allocating fishing rights under the reformed EU fisheries policy, a court has ruled

  • Tony Juniper, environmental campaigner, writer and sustainability adviser

    Flooding: it’s about land as much as water


    Tony Juniper: Ending inappropriate land-use practices and the government policies that encourage them is essential to reducing flood risk and ensuring our taxes are not spent making the problem worse

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: Flood spending falls despite increased risk


    The Environment Agency spent less on flood defences last year than in 2014/15 despite a warning from the CCC that significant investment will be needed to counter the projected increase in UK flood risk

  • Careers: Five things you should know for a role in energy


    Massive changes in the energy sector are coming as the decarbonisation imperative plays out. But there is already plenty of opportunity for the well-prepared in corporate compliance schemes and in integration of smart energy systems, writes Paul Hatchwell

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