ENDS Report Issue 496, June 2016

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Highlights in this issue

  • Isabella Kaminski, deputy editor, ENDS Report

    Greening the debate


    Isabella Kaminski: It will not be a surprise to ENDS Report readers that the environmental profession is staunchly pro-EU

  • Greater Manchester used devolution laws to create a combined authority with new responsibilities for areas such as public transport, regeneration and waste. Photograph: Kevin George/123RF

    Green shoots from regional government?


    Whitehall’s drive to devolve powers to cities and regions will have consequences for the environment. Gareth Simkins investigates

  • The grey squirrel is already widespread in the UK. Photograph: William N Beckon

    Regulators toughen act on aliens


    Invasive non-native species cost the UK £1.8bn every year, and the battle to keep them at bay is intensifying. Rachel Salvidge looks at what is being done to protect Britain from these harmful aliens

  • Weak recycling market hinders progress towards circular economy. Low oil prices make oil-derived plastics more competitive than recycled plastics. Photograph: Bogdan Ionescu/123RF

    Squaring the circle


    The debate over the EU circular economy package has been amplified by the impending referendum. But is the best path a closed-loop society or does this distract from the real challenges facing the UK’s waste sector? Conor McGlone reports

  • Government has already maximised relief from indirect costs of renewable energy and climate policies, yet steel's woes continue. Photograph: hxdyl/123RF

    Climate policy costs and the steel industry – case closed?


    Low carbon policies are playing only a minor role in the current steel crisis given supportive reforms, with many sites profiting from carbon trading. But long term survival and decarbonisation remain uncertain

  • Richard Macrory, professor of environmental law, University College London

    Maintaining highways versus tree preservation


    A council’s duty to maintain highways gives it the right to fell trees and takes priority over an obligation to preserve them, a court has ruled. The case has a number of wider implications

  • Kevin McKinley, acting secretary general, ISO

    Global collaboration the key to tackling climate change


    Kevin McKinley: Now that the world seems finally willing to act on climate change, a number of international standards are being developed to help organisations reach their goals

  • Jane Burston, head of climate and environment, National Physical Laboratory

    Improving monitoring in the shale gas industry


    Jane Burston: A methane leak on an unprecedented scale in the US highlights the need to accelerate better regulation and monitoring technologies in the UK

  • Photograph: Helen Jobson/123RF

    Northern Powerhouse offers huge bioscience opportunities FREE


    The growing green economy will boost the already burgeoning career opportunities in leading edge life science, medicine and bioscience

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: The rise and rise of waste exports


    The amount of waste exported for fuel continues to record highs, rising above 300,000 tonnes in February. This month's infographic takes a look at where it's coming from and where it's going to

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