ENDS Report Morning Headlines, 24 May 2016


  • Land, Ecology & Development

    Invasive species threaten Scottish protected sites

    Scottish Natural Heritage statistics reveal invasive species continue to spread in protect sites, affecting internationally and nationally important species, habitats and earth science features
  • Land, Ecology & Development

    Environmental regulators benefit from citizen science

    Citizen science and environmental volunteers can help provide key evidence for environmental policy-making and increase public awareness of conservation issues


  • Environmental Politics Comment

    Greening the debate

    Isabella Kaminski: It will not be a surprise to ENDS Report readers that the environmental profession is staunchly pro-EU
  • Environmental Politics Analysis

    Green shoots from regional government?

    Whitehall’s drive to devolve powers to cities and regions will have consequences for the environment. Gareth Simkins investigates
  • Waste & Resources Analysis

    Infographic: The rise and rise of waste exports

    The amount of waste exported for fuel continues to record highs, rising above 300,000 tonnes in February. This month's infographic takes a look at where it's coming from and where it's going to

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Land, Ecology & Development