ENDS Report Morning Headlines, 7 June 2016


  • Environment & Sustainability Management

    Eyebrows raised over EA's dieselgate cars

    The Environment Agency is continuing to provide emissions test-cheating cars to its staff, although its overall fleet CO2 emissions are very low
  • Waste & Resources

    Global food waste standard launched

    The Food Loss and Waste Standard is the first set of global definitions and reporting requirements aimed at “credible and consistent” reporting on food waste
  • Energy

    North Sea states look to cut costs of offshore wind

    Nine EU energy ministers have signed a cooperation declaration promoting more effective North Sea offshore wind development, but the UK was excluded by purdah
  • Land, Ecology & Development

    EU funds peatland restoration project

    A five-year scheme will restore and preserve thousands of acres of rare carbon-storing peat bogs in the South Pennines


  • Land, Ecology & Development Comment

    Business survival depends on natural capital

    Mark Gough: A natural capital protocol will allow organisations to systematically integrate their relationships with nature into their strategy and operations as resources become scarcer