ENDS Report Morning Headlines, 26 September 2016


  • Environmental Law

    Pollution incidents plunge in 2015

    There was a marked reduction in serious pollution incidents last year, particularly those related to waste management
  • Environment & Sustainability Management

    Company carbon pricing gains ground in most sectors

    There has been strong but very uneven progress in company disclosure and embedding of carbon pricing in business strategies in 2016, says CDP
  • Energy

    DSR takes off in food and drink sector

    A more flexible attitude to power use that better coordinates consumption with load on the grid and generates additional income is taking hold in the food and drinks sector
  • Energy Comment

    Innovation relies on existing technology and clear policy

    Matthew Bell: There is no guarantee that invention will lead to rapid diffusion of low-carbon technology. We need policies that cultivate existing technology alongside innovation to keep moving forward
  • Energy Comment

    Britain considers carbon trading in a post-Brexit world

    Peter Zaman and Nicholas Rock: The knock-on effects of Brexit for emissions trading in Europe will be numerous, for EU states as well as the UK. The timing of departure and the UK’s future relationship with the EU will be key


  • Land, Ecology & Development Analysis

    Landfill: What lurks beneath

    More than 21,000 closed landfill sites are strewn across England and Wales, with little known about the scale of their impacts on the environment. Rachel Salvidge digs deep to unearth an unwanted legacy