ENDS Report Morning Headlines, 27 September 2016


  • Energy

    Smart metering policy needs clearer evidence base

    The government’s smart metering policy evidence base and its communications strategy have been criticised by select committee MPs
  • Energy

    Future Labour government would ban fracking

    Shadow energy secretary Barry Gardiner has announced that a future Labour government would ban fracking, promote clean and community energy and tackle fuel poverty
  • Air Management

    EU sets new emission rules for off-road machinery

    Stricter limits on pollutant emissions from equipment ranging from combine harvesters to barges and chainsaws will start to enter force in 2018
  • Environment & Sustainability Management Analysis

    EA set to toughen up on ESOS compliance

    Despite evidence of increasing awareness and action, non-compliance issues have made it a slow year for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. Paul Hatchwell talks to Keith Brierley, senior environment and business adviser for the Environment Agency

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