ENDS Report Issue 505, March 2017

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Highlights in this issue

  • Isabella Kaminski, deputy editor, ENDS Report

    The labour pains of new legislation


    Isabella Kaminski: With the UK arguing over the substance of the EU Withdrawal Bill and waiting to examine the fine details of the Great Repeal Bill, the process of legislating is higher than usual on the public agenda.

  • Data gaps, reporting consistency and buy-in from senior management were some of the challenges facing natural capital accounting discussed at the roundtable. Photograph: Julian Dodd

    How can we cost nature?


    Natural capital accounting is poised to hit the mainstream in a way that will affect both the public and private sectors so, on 9 January, ENDS Report convened a roundtable to find out the latest from the people at the sharp end. Rachel Salvidge reports on what they had to say

  • The Brent oil field has been earmarked for decommissioning. Photograph: Royal Dutch Shell

    Tackling old oil and gas platforms FREE


    Much oil and gas infrastructure in the North Sea is coming to the end of its life and is no longer commercially viable to run. Isabella Kaminski investigates the emergence of the offshore decommissioning industry

  • Fining offenders may be more cost-effective than prosecuting them. Photograph: Brian Robert Marshall

    Calls to get tough on waste crime


    A spike in prosecutions following a temporary funding boost has highlighted the difficulty the Environment Agency faces in fighting criminal activity that costs the UK more than £560m a year. Conor McGlone reports

  • Richard Macrory, professor of environmental law, University College London

    Heathrow ruling sets time limit for legal challenges


    Richard Macrory: An attempt to bring a judicial review of the government’s proposal for increasing airport capacity has been stalled by a clause limiting when such action can be launched

  • Myles McCarthy, director of implementation, The Carbon Trust

    Brexit increases impetus to invest in energy efficiency


    Myles McCarthy: As the UK’s exit from the EU draws closer, the weaker pound and new tariffs could make energy, as well as measures to use it more efficiently, increasingly expensive. The time to act is now

  • Martin Griffiths, visiting professor at Cranfield University and independent water and environmental consultant

    Skills gap widens as need for water regulation grows


    Martin Griffiths: There is a steady decline in the number of professionals with much-needed environmental regulatory capability and skills but these are essential for effective industry regulation

  • Michael Zimonyi, policy and external affairs manager, Climate Disclosure Standards Board

    Navigating the new world of non-financial disclosure


    Michael Zimonyi: A directive obliging UK companies to include environmental and other information in annual reports will make sustainability a bigger priority for business leaders and investors alike

  • Kenny Coventry, professor of psychological science and head of the School of Psychology, University of East Anglia

    Changing perceptions: belief and climate science


    Kenny Coventry: Psychological science can help understand public and political disengagement with climate science findings in a ‘post-truth’ world and help scientists reach their target audience

  • Richard Hurford: excellent prospects for sustainability consultants

    A bright future


    Who doesn’t want to save money while helping the environment? Richard Hurford, consultant at Schneider Electric, tells Paul Hatchwell why he sees a positive future for energy and sustainability consultancy

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: Bioenergy’s demand for cropland grows


    Bioenergy is increasingly dominating the UK’s renewable energy output in electricity, heat and transport, with implications for UK and international land use

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