ENDS Report Issue 511, October 2017

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Highlights in this issue

  • Paul Hatchwell

    Keeping up standards


    One specific area of concern to business that epitomises the need for urgent restaffing at depleted departments such as BEIS and DEFRA is that of EU product standards

  • District heating could increase from supplying 2% of heat demand to 10% by 2030. Photograph: Trevor Smith/Alamy Stock Photo

    On the boil? Making heat low-carbon


    The UK cannot hope to meet its 80% greenhouse gas reduction target by 2050 as long as progress on the heat economy lags behind the power sector. Paul Hatchwell looks at progress, challenges and solutions to the problem

  • Photograph: Kenny Williamson/Alamy Stock Photo

    Passing the buck on clean air


    The government’s new plan to tackle roadside air quality is an improvement on its predecessors but still looks vulnerable to legal action. Gareth Simkins investigates

  • Electric vehicles could contribute stored power to manage increased variable renewables on the grid. Photograph: National Grid/ Howard Pugh/Getty Images

    Power to the people


    The government plans to upgrade the UK’s energy system by backing battery storage and rewarding consumers to help manage demand and supply via smart devices. Robert Hodgson examines the supporting policies and their implications

  • Richard Macrory, professor of environmental law, University College London

    Court puts limits on liability for contaminated land


    Richard Macrory: The Court of Appeal has ruled that a successor local authority should not be liable for land contamination caused by its predecessor where no liability existed at the time of reorganisation

  • Niche substances are particularly at risk of being 'orphaned' under REACH – Susanne Baker, techUK

    Supply fears still loom large as REACH deadline nears


    Susanne Baker: Users of niche chemicals are particularly vulnerable to supply risks when the final round of REACH registrations ends next May. Some flexibility may be needed to assess how complex supply chains are evaluated

  • 'We must move in the direction of one-planet living, if we are to continue to prosper' – Terry A'Hearn, chief executive, SEPA

    A new focus to guide firms towards resource efficiency


    Terry A'Hearn: Novel partnerships, disruptive business models and new ways of thinking are needed to achieve sustainability and stop using more resources than one planet can provide

  • Linda Crichton, head of resource management, WRAP

    Find out what stops people recycling to trigger change


    Linda Crichton: Dedicated research has been helping local councils tailor their recycling communications to drive behavioural change for over a decade. It is now time to apply this tactic to food waste

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: Water companies' green performance slips


    Water companies’ environmental performance appears to be slipping overall, the latest figures from the Environment Agency and water company reports show

  • Doug Stewart, chief executive, Green Energy UK

    Insider Insight: Doug Stewart


    CEO Doug Stewart at Green Energy UK, shares his career insights

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