Job description: Geo-environmental consultant

Find out what is involved in the role of a geo-environmental consultant

Do you have a passion for the environment and want to help reduce pollution and contamination? Are you a good communicator with sound knowledge of business management? If so, a career as a geo-environmental consultant could be the perfect job for you.

Working as a geo-environmental consultant involves advising organisations on how they can reduce pollution and contamination and create a healthier environment. They visit sites for ground investigation and undertake land risk assessments. Additionally, geo-environmental consultants communicate with clients, write reports and assess not only the data related to environmental damage, but also develop and implement systems to improve environmentally-friendly manufacturing and production processes.

The day-to-day

  • Geo-environmental consultants cover various daily tasks which include office work as well as meeting clients and visiting sites. Tasks may include:
  • Advising clients on the latest geo-technical trends and possibilities
  • Assessing the client’s current systems to eliminate or reduce aspects encumbering the environment
  • Visiting sites planned for future construction to assess the levels of contamination and, depending on how problematic the chosen area may be, evaluate the impact on planned projects
  • Collecting samples and analysing whether there is pollution or contamination
  • Communicating with clients and presenting the latest data results
  • Writing concise, understandable reports on your ideas and findings on how to improve the environmental situation in a company or how to eliminate ecologically harmful processes
  • Informing clients about legislative issues and how these may affect planned projects
  • Conducting environmental audits

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Key responsibilities

  • Collect data with data modelling software and interpret results
  • Undertake field surveys to assess a company’s environmental situation to draft plans for the future
  • Develop and implement systems to help reduce environmental damage in production and manufacturing
  • Provide renewable energy alternatives which are eco-friendly
  • Assess ground pollution on sites of future areas of consideration and develop sampling strategies
  • Organise and present ideas and data results to clients and summarise them in succinct, intelligible reports
  • Introduce environmental management systems
  • Health and security documentation

Key skills

  • Sound business skills
  • Excellent communication and customer skills
  • Outstanding presentation skills
  • A keen eye for detail
  • An analytical mind to analyse and organise vast amounts of technical data
  • Project management skills
  • A sound understanding of legislative regulations
  • A good understanding of fieldwork techniques
  • An awareness of the importance of health and security
  • Familiarity with HSE systems
  • An understanding of data modelling software


A good bachelor’s degree in a relevant geological or environmental subject is usually required. A postgraduate degree is highly advantageous and increasingly required in this sector. Additional accreditations such as the ISO in Environment Management are beneficial too.

As the job includes visiting sites, a driving licence is usually required.


Geo-environmental consultants have office-based working hours from 9am to 5pm, however, with upcoming deadlines or weather-related projects, working hours can extend into the evening and also working on the weekend is not unusual. Flexibility regarding working hours is highly advantageous in this sector.  


The starting salary for geo-environmental consultants is around £22,000 per annum but can increase to up to 55,000 per annum, depending on seniority and expertise.

Career opportunities

As awareness of the environment and environmental protection are increasingly important, opportunities for geo-environmental consultants are vast. It is possible to work for companies, the public sector or environmental consultancies and there are jobs all around the world  as big companies increasingly invest in environment and risk assessment for future eco-friendly systems.

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