Career Quandary: How can I tailor my CV for energy consultancy roles?

Neville Rose, director at CV Writers, answers our reader's career dilemma on how to transition their CV and letter for energy consultant roles

Neville Rose, director at CV Writers, answers our reader's career dilemma on how to transition their CV and letter for energy consultant roles.

Question: I have been an environmental consultant for five years and now want to specialise as an energy consultant. How can I adapt my CV and cover letter to convince employers to give me a chance?

Neville Rose says...

How you adapt your CV and cover letter really depends on the nature of your current role and how much crossover there is with that of an energy consultant. Environmental consultant roles vary enormously so you may or may not already have relevant experience.

You must certainly highlight all your direct, relevant achievements. However, even if you don’t have direct experience, many of the competencies and skills you have learned as a consultant will be relevant to a more specialised energy role.

If your current role involves advising businesses and organisations on environmental compliance, energy use and carbon emissions, then you are off to a good start. You can already demonstrate an understanding of relevant legislative requirements and expertise in energy reduction initiatives. You may have case studies you can weave into your CV as evidence of your investigative, assessment and recommendation writing expertise in helping businesses transform their energy management practices.

Depending on the type of energy consultant role you are applying for, you may need to demonstrate a strong understanding of different types of businesses - from high use manufacturers and production facilities to office and residential premises. You may be dealing with large multi-site companies and therefore understand the complexities this adds to the energy consumption picture. A thorough understanding of different energy types and the latest technologies will clearly be important.

So, look carefully at the requirements of energy consultant roles you apply for and see which elements may overlap with your current role and how you can clearly articulate the transferable skills required for areas you have less expertise in. You are still a consultant, and therefore all those assessment, feasibility and recommendation skills will all still apply.

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