Job Description: Remediation engineer

What is a remediation engineer and what does the role involve?

What is a remediation engineer and what does the role involve?

As a remediation engineer you will have a passion for the environment and its conservation.

You will be tasked with evaluating the environmental impact of your organisation’s proposed projects and operations. To do this you will conduct site assessments and sample testing.

You will make recommendations for environmental treatment and the removal of toxic and hazardous waste.

Work will be project and site based and you will need to be as comfortable with working outside and on location as well as producing detailed technical reports from an office.

The day-to-day

  • Carrying out site assessments
  • Conducting technical and sampling audits
  • Performing due diligence
  • Evaluating the environmental impact of an organisation’s industrial and commercial activities
  • Making recommendations about required work and ways to meet compliance regulations
  • Using computer modelling and data to assess and forecast environmental outcomes
  • Producing technical reports

Key responsibilities

  • Overseeing remediation projects from beginning to completion
  • Managing, developing and driving proposals forward and planning for the remediation project covering all environmental aspects, associated regulation and staffing requirements
  • Conducting remedial alternatives analysis
  • Overseeing project budget and costs-benefit analyses
  • Co-ordinating and appointing subcontractors
  • Implementing the remediation proposals and handling all technical aspects
  • Conducting treatability studies
  • Performing generic and detailed quantitative risk assessment
  • Carrying out site work including verification sampling, set up and commissioning of treatment systems
  • Handling the containment of hazardous materials
  • Investigating sites that have been contaminated with chemicals, toxic waste or other dangerous materials
  • Ensuring all parties meet compliance with environmental regulations
  • Obtaining necessary permits involved in the remediation project
  • Training staff on how to use and implement remediation systems
  • Compiling technical reports, daily logs and soil, water and chemical audits

Key skills

  • Solid planning and project management skills
  • Passion for the environment and conservation
  • Technically skilled to perform process-orientated and sampling tasks
  • Excellent organisation and team working skills
  • Financial acumen to manage budgets and assist with forecasting
  • Demonstrable ability to keep up to date with latest legislation and compliance requirements
  • Flexible approach and ability to change direction when required
  • Detail orientated with a focus on data management
  • Strong reporting skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to negotiate with regulatory authorities
  • Great communicator and ability to explain testing results to a range of parties
  • Outstanding computer skills with an ability to use a range of software packages as well as demonstrating an interest in learning new technology
  • Applies logic and common sense to project demands
  • Strong data analytics skills and a flair for managing multiple sources of information
  • Administrative capabilities including the provision of health and safety documentation and data collection


  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related subject is desirable including environmental, civil or chemical engineering. An MSc degree is preferable
  • Membership of The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is advantageous
  • Certification in handling hazardous waste and waste management may be required
  • Full UK driving licence can be necessary

Relevant experience

  • Proven field work experience of three to five years is desirable
  • Management track record of supervising regeneration contracts and waste and chemical treatment projects
  • Experience of dealing with lawyers, sub-contractors, scientists and other engineers
  • Solid past experience of managing a remediation project from start to finish


Project-based and site work mean most environmental engineers will be required to show some flexibility to meet the demands of the project outside of normal contractual hours.


Entry level salaries range between £17,000 and £25,000. More experienced remediation engineers can earn around £55,000 which may rise further depending on the organisation, sector, experience, qualifications and location.

Career opportunities

Newly qualified engineering graduates will need to gain knowledge and experience before moving onto more advanced projects. Management is a next logical step or specialising in a particular area of environmental engineering such as land contamination, soil or water remediation.

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