Writing a CV for sustainability manager jobs

Neville Rose, director at CV Writers, on how to tailor your CV for the role of sustainability manager

Neville Rose, director at CV Writers, on how to tailor your CV for the role of sustainability manager

As a sustainability manager you play a pivotal role in creating and driving innovative ways to help your organisation become greener. Generally, you will also be responsible for managing budgets and ensuring initiatives are marketed effectively to internal and external stakeholders. When it comes to your CV, you need to provide demonstrable evidence of performing well in a similar role or clearly showing the appropriate transferable skills from a different role.

Creating an engaging professional profile

Within the first sentence of the professional profile at the beginning of your CV you should clearly position yourself as a ‘sustainability manager’. This is so that right from the outset the reader can see the relevance of your CV and engage with it. You then need to outline the personal qualities that make you great at your job. Use original language and try not to rely on recruitment clichés like being ‘dynamic’ or ‘organised’.

Highlight using specific examples

Too many CVs simply state hypothetical statements that could easily just be lifted from a job description. The challenge with hypothetical statements is that they lack a reference point. Without a reference point the reader cannot visualise what you say, the point therefore lacks impact and is not memorable. By using examples and anecdotes your CV will come to life and be much more interesting to read.

Use metrics to support your achievements

Making your achievements comparative will make them really powerful. For instance, if you can cite a specific cost saving next to a strategy you have initiated or an improvement in a sustainability index, this will come across very convincingly. Likewise, gaining accreditation or an award from an external body will also add weight. Also helpful are facts and figures that demonstrate the size and scope of the project.

Qualifications and certifications

Of course, you should mention all your nationally and internationally recognized qualifications, certifications and memberships and be familiar with ISO 14001 standards. If you don’t have relevant professional qualifications then you could consider becoming BREEAM certified to enable you to measure how to improve the performance of building running costs. IEMA membership will also provide access to courses and conferences.

Ensuring you encapsulate the above points in your CV will really help it to stand out. Above everything you want to demonstrate you’re performing well at work and give the reader confidence in calling you to interview.

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