Career Quandary: How can I find creative sustainability roles?

Jonathan Whitehead answers our reader’s career dilemma about moving from a traditional role to a more creative one

Jonathan Whitehead answers our reader’s career dilemma about moving from a traditional role to a more creative one

Jonathan Whitehead, recruitment sales manager, ENDSjobsearch

Question: I have worked in traditional environmental roles for many years focusing on implementation and delivery. Are there any more creative sustainability roles where exploring new ideas is valued?

Jonathan Whitehead says…

Sustainability is a huge area in environmental consultancy and individuals with expertise and knowledge can be a real commodity. Yes, there is a demand for sustainability consultants who can come up with creative solutions and fresh new ideas. If I were you, I would focus my attention on targeting environmental consultancies in the private sector.

The first step is to make sure your CV appeals to the types of roles you really want. Tailor it each time you apply for a vacancy so your skills and experience can be easily matched to the requirements of the job.

If you want to be more involved in the creative side of sustainability, you need to draw upon all the relevant expertise and experience you have gained through project implementation and delivery. Highlight how this expertise can be mobilised and used to come up with creative solutions.

Make sure that any specific experience you have relating to creative solutions is detailed enough. Don’t elaborate on anything that is not industry-specific nor relevant for the role.

It goes without saying, you should be staying up-to-date with relevant sustainability news. The information you can glean from resources such as the ENDS Report can be used effectively in an interview situation to really demonstrate your passion for the industry.

has new vacancies every day, often from large consultancies. Sustainability roles are common - there have been at least 168 sustainability vacancies on our job site this year - and employers are always on the look-out for environmental professionals with this skillset.

Jonathan Whitehead welcomes your career dilemmas via or Twitter: @endsjobsearch #ENDSCareerQuandary

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