On a mission: Going beyond the standard job listing

Jonathan Whitehead on his unusual career journey to the ENDSjobsearch team and his advice for recruiters 

Jonathan Whitehead on his unusual career journey to the ENDSjobsearch team and his advice for recruiters 

Jonathan Whitehead, recruitment sales manager, ENDSjobsearch

Meet Jonathan Whitehead, your new recruitment sales manager for ENDSjobsearch. He is on a mission to find out what your recruitment challenges are and how his team can help overcome them. We spoke to him about what he hopes to achieve in his new role and why it’s an exciting time for the environment industry.

Jonathan, how did you land your role at ENDSjobsearch? 

My journey into the ENDsjobsearch team is slightly unusual in that I left Haymarket to pursue an opportunity, which in the end turned out to be the wrong move for me. Fortunately, this role came up at the perfect time and has given me the ideal opportunity to develop my skills and kick start my career.

Why did you make this career move?  

It was an easy decision to move on to the energy & environment recruitment team. With new recruitment products being launched onto market leading brands, it was obvious that this was a great time to be joining the recruitment team.

What does your day-to-day role involve? 

Alongside the usual financial reporting and team management, I am on a mission to immerse myself into our three sectors - energy & environment, planning and horticulture. This means I'm getting out into the industry meeting clients and agencies to find out first hand what their recruitment challenges are and how we can help solve them.

What’s the best bit about your job? 

I love that we work across so many different sectors, which means we get to work with clients of all shapes and sizes.

What are some of the challenges you face? 

The biggest challenge we face is making sure that our clients are aware of all the different products and options available to them. We've gone beyond the standard job listing now and can target candidates based on their job search criteria or when they are reading articles on our content sites. In the same way that consumer brands have to make their products stand out throughout the consumer purchasing cycle, recruiters have to do the same with their roles and make sure they stand out at different points in a candidate's job search cycle.

Why is now a great time to be working in the environment industry? 

There is just so much variety in this sector, whether you are a specialist ecologist in a niche organisation or an HSE in a multinational, there's a role for you.

What exciting projects and initiatives are you working on? 

Everyday there seems to be a new product released by our specialist marketing team, offering employers new and improved ways to reach their perfect candidate. We've just added video content onto our candidate e-mail, giving recruiters a new way to engage with and influence their potential candidates.

What advice can you offer recruiters looking to find the right talent? 

Unfortunately, at any given time, two-thirds of your perfect candidates will be happy in their current roles, without any intention of moving companies. This means that you need to think beyond the standard job listing and utilise the access we have to the entire energy & environment sector via all our other ENDS websites. Feel free to give us a call anytime if you want advice on how to identify and reach your perfect candidates.

How can you help recruiters? 

We have decades worth of recruitment experience in our teams, so whatever the situation, there will be someone here who can help with your search. I'm available on 020 8267 5576 and at jonathan.whitehead@haymarket.com or you can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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