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An estimated 18 Welsh environment jobs were advertised on ENDSjobsearch in March and April*, many of which were ecologist roles.

An estimated 18 Welsh environment jobs were advertised on ENDSjobsearch in March and April*, many of which were ecologist roles.

Ecologist roles

As an ecologist you will be required to conduct field surveys, interpret data and turn your findings into easy to understand reports.

Key skills required for the role include strong report-writing, project management, analytical and communication skills.

Candidates also need good field and surveying skills, up-to-date knowledge of environmental legislation, an understanding of statistics and the ability to use GIS and other specialist software for recording, analysing and presenting data and reports.

For more information about ecology as a career, have a look at this job description.

Consultant roles

Recent months have also seen various opportunities for consultants in Wales, from principal and senior environmental consultant roles to a range of specialist roles.

As a consultant your day-to-day duties vary depending on what specialism you undertake, as well as your seniority.

Key requirements for the role include good reporting and technical writing skills, as well as strong communication and project management skills.

Graduate consultants can expect salaries ranging from £19,000 to £22,000 per annum, whilst more senior consultants can expect salaries starting from £35,000.

Browse these job descriptions for more information about a range of environmental consultant roles.

Ben Goodson, ENDSJobsearch recruitment explains the increase:

“We have seen a 20% increase, year-on-year in ecologist roles being advertised and it is reflected in those role advertised in Wales. Right now it shows that there are really healthy employment opportunities for ecology professionals.

Environmental consultant roles are always one of the most regularly advertised vacancies on ENDSjobsearch, with an incredible diversity in potential working environment, ranging from environmental consultancies, to automotive companies to FMCG organisations.”

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*Number of roles advertised on ENDSjobsearch from 01.03.16 - 25.04.16

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