Trendwatch: Job roles to watch in 2016

ENDSjobsearch data shows what’s trending in the environmental job sector

ENDSjobsearch data shows what’s trending in the environmental job sector

Sustainability and environmental roles here to stay

Businesses great and small, are seeking environmental managers, sustainability managers and officers who have the skills and knowledge to ensure their company stays green whilst achieving their targets.

When an updated version of ISO14001 came on to the scene in late 2015, businesses found that their environmental management policies were no longer up to standard. The revision is stricter, more prominent and is the most widespread international standard for environmental management systems.

With organisations being more open about their sustainability practices - it’s becoming imperative to have top sustainability managers, environmental managers and officers keeping an eye on company practices.

Demand for consultants growing

Year on year we’ve seen a growth in the number of advertisements and applications for consultants across the environmental field. Companies, businesses and organisations need the expertise consultants have on offer. This career has grown from just senior and middle management consultant roles to include graduate consultant roles - something we expect to see more of in 2016.

Conservation roles continue to attract

Ecology and conservation roles will be even more prevalent in 2016 than they were this year. Calls for better fishing practices, closer looks at the effects of pesticides on our flora and fauna and assessments on the effects our pollution has on local wildlife, has led to a more conscious effort to look at our ecological practices.

By monitoring the effect we have on wildlife and ecosystems, ecologists can monitor and assess the damage done and offer sustainable solutions.

Contaminated land jobs to remain constant

The UK has and still remains committed to developing these sites. They create sustainable redevelopment opportunities and contribute to communities by adding commercial buildings, recreation grounds and housing sites to neighbourhoods.

The development of brownfield sites and contaminated land offers a range of jobs throughout the environmental sector - from construction to GIS consulting. So long as there are contaminated sites to build on, there will be jobs in developing brownfield sites.

Roles in renewable energy won’t be as prevalent

In 2015 the government turned on onshore wind and solar farms for being too costly and drastically cut their subsidies. The production of offshore wind farms will continue but the renewable energy job force will not be as prevalent as it was in the past - nuclear energy is the new hot topic.

However, a strong agreement at the Paris climate talks could lead to a global level playing field and enable the UK’s renewable energy sector to resume its former rapid progress.

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