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Visit www.endscarbonoffsets.com for a detailed list of carbon offset providers and links to carbon offsetting news updates on the web.

The CarbonNeutral Company’s Selco solar power project in IndiaBuilding bridges: state of the voluntary carbon markets 2010

Ecosystem marketplace and Bloomberg new energy finance


State and trends of the carbon market 2010

World Bank



Forest carbon offsetting report 2010



Handbook of carbon offset programs, trading systems, funds, protocols and standards

Carbon Offset Research & Education, Stockholm Environment Institute

March 2010


US offset markets in 2010: the road not yet taken

Point Carbon

March 2010


State of the forest carbon markets 2009: taking root and branching out

Ecosystem Marketplace

January 2010


A guide to carbon offsetting for the public sector

UK Department for Energy and Climate Change, January 2010


State of the CDM 2009: reforming for the present and preparing for the future

International Emissions Trading Association, December 2009


Carbon management and offsetting trends survey results 2009

EcoSecurities, Climate Biz and Baker McKenzie

September 2009


Purchasing carbon offsets: a guide for Canadian consumers, businesses, and organizations

David Suzuki Foundation

July 2009


Carbon Offsets 2010

A special report, sponsored by RPS(energy and environmental consultants)

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