Consultants launch carbon data checking service

The Carbon Disclosure Project hopes to improve the accuracy of corporate emissions data

A group of consultants have launched a service to check the accuracy of companies’ submissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The CDP, established in 2000, now sends questionnaires to some 4,700 global companies annually, asking about their greenhouse gas emissions and how they manage them (ENDS Report, September 2010).

Response Check is a new service for companies compiling their 2011 CDP responses aimed at ensuring the data is as complete as possible. It does not guarantee responding companies a better score, nor does it provide verification or assurance of the quality of the data.

Consultants approved to offer the service in the UK by the CDP include Logica, Adas, Atkins, Camco and Sustain.

The service includes a review of the CDP response and is followed by feedback. The responding company can decide whether to include the feedback in its reply. Consultants will spend a maximum of five hours on each response. The consultants charge $1,000 for the service.

Nigel Topping, chief innovation officer at CDP said: "This new service is aimed at ensuring the data submitted to CDP is as accurate and complete as possible, and we hope that this will prove a useful additional check for some of the thousands of companies that report through CDP.

"Sometimes seemingly minor mistakes can let a response down and this new service aims to provide an additional safety net."