BMW low-carbon adverts banned

Advertising for battery powered and normal cars criticised by Advertising Standards Authority

Two BMW advertisements making environmental claims about its cars have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

In statements released on 21 July, the ASA ruled that phrases such as “high precision fuel injection gives you abundant power, using less fuel” and “you can step on the accelerator, knowing joy will minimise the CO2 emissions" suggest the BMW Z4 sDRIVE35is has relatively low emissions.

In fact, at 210 grams CO2 per kilometre, the high-performance roadster model has relatively high emissions. The average new car sold in the UK last year emitted 149.5g CO2/km (ENDS Report, March 2010).

The second ad, for a battery-powered concept car, fell foul of the ASA in claiming it produced “zero CO2 emissions when driving”. The authority thought the claim misleading as it suggested the BMW Concept ActiveE was not responsible for any emissions, even though it had to be charged from the grid.

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