Scotland and Wales miss recycling targets

Waste statistics show that both countries have fallen short of targets to recycle or compost 40% of municipal waste

Scotland has failed to meet a 40% recycling and composting target for municipal waste, according to the latest figures released by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

Just 36.7% of municipal waste collected by local authorities between April 2009 and March 2010 was recycled or composted, the figures show. This is a improvement on the previous year’s 34.3%, but well short of the 40% target set in Scotland’s latest waste plan (ENDS Report, June 2010).

The target was proposed by the nationalist government in 2008, replacing an earlier target of 38% set in 2003.

Statistics for England are not yet available, but provisional figures for Wales suggest it has also failed to reach its 40% target. The Welsh Assembly Government suggests the recycling and composting rate for 2009/10 was 39%.

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