Scotland off-course for recycling targets

Scotland’s recycling and composting rate hit 31.2% in 2007, according to figures released by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) in May.1

Although this is a 4.1 percentage point increase on 27.1% in 2006, SEPA warned Scotland may not meet its target to recycle and compost 40% of waste by 2010 without improvement.

To reach the target, Scotland will have to increase its rate by 4.4 percentage points a year, which will be challenging.

Scotland will also have difficulty meeting long-term recycling targets proposed by the Scottish Government in January, SEPA said.

Under the proposals, recycling and composting targets will be set at 50% for 2013 and 60% for 2020 (ENDS Report 397, p 44 ). An "aspirational" 70% target will be set for 2025.

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