Stakeholders reject extension of RoHS

Proposals to ban any of 46 hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment have been rejected by industry stakeholders.

In a summary of responses to consultations reviewing the EU Directive on restricting hazardous substances (RoHS) the European Commission said the issue, along with enforcement, had attracted many comments.1 RoHS now bans lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium and certain brominated flame retardants under Article 6 of the Directive. In March the Commission consulted to widen this to cover other "high priority" hazardous substances (ENDS Report 398, p 54 ).

But while NGOs supported the move, sector stakeholders said they did not see the need to extend the ban, and risk and economic assessments should be carried out before considering such a move. Most pressed the Commission to consider changes in the context of the EU chemical regime REACH.

Stakeholders did support plans to include medical devices along with monitoring and control instruments within the Directive.