Commission sticks with 2015 ELV targets

Targets for EU governments to recycle 85% and recover 95% of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) by 2015 should be retained, the European Commission has recommended in a report to the Council of Ministers and European Parliament.

The targets can generate "substantial environmental and economic benefits" and should be kept to drive eco-innovation, the report concludes.

The targets were set out in the end-of-life vehicles Directive, adopted in 2000.

At French insistence the Commission agreed to review the 2015 targets in 2005 to take account of technical developments (ENDS Report 289, pp 43-44 ).

However, in 2005 an official stakeholder group dominated by industry called for the targets to be relaxed or ditched, expressing doubts over the value of the 2015 target.

The report marks the start of a debate by MEPs and EU governments to decide whether to keep the targets.

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