UK warned over Landfill directive transposition

The European Commission is considering legal action against the UK for incomplete transposition of the landfill Directive.

It sent the Environment Department (DEFRA) a letter of formal notice in March after evaluating member states’ compliance with the Directive. Thirteen others were sent warnings, including Denmark, Ireland, Spain and Sweden.

According to a spokesman, the Commission’s main concern is with the late transposition of the Directive, which meant it was not applied to landfills that closed between the Directive coming into force and being transposed into UK law.

Many of the Commission’s other concerns centre on Scotland, which it says failed to implement rules on landfills on islands and in isolated areas. These are exempt from the Directive provided they only accept up to 1,000 tonnes per year of non-hazardous or inert waste. But they must still be subject to regular visual inspections and record waste deposited in them.

Scotland has also failed to implement the European Council Decision setting the waste acceptance criteria for landfills, the Commission says.

DEFRA must respond by mid-May.