Scots add new waste exemptions for WEEE

Two activities relating to the treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) can be registered for exemptions from waste management licensing, according to regulations that come into force in Scotland on 1 December.1

One is the "crushing of waste gas discharge lamps for the purpose of volume reduction prior to collection". The other, broader activity is the "repair, refurbishment and storage" of WEEE. Another new exemption is for the repair or refurbishment of "waste goods".

Other activities added to the exemption list include the "use of compacted and securely baled tyres in engineering works" and the use of "autoclaves to sterilise waste".

The regulations also remove several exempt activities that related to outdated legislation such as the Control of Pollution Act 1974.

In accordance with legislation issued last year (ENDS Report 367, p 34 ), the regulations also remove the "deemed authorisation" of several exempt activities that have the potential to damage the water environment.

The changes are part of a wider codification of the list of exempt activities set out in Schedule 3 of the 1994 waste management licensing regulations. Under the new regulations, the list is set out in Schedule 1.

The regulations also ensure exemptions applying to hazardous wastes have identification codes and limit values in accordance with the EU hazardous waste Directive. A consultation paper on the changes was issued last year (ENDS Report 371, p 32 ).

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