Agency warns Grundon over APC dust spillage

Waste management company Grundon received a formal warning from the Environment Agency in January following a spillage of one to two tonnes of air pollution control (APC) residue at its Bishops Cleeve landfill in April 2004.

The residue spilled from a hopper used to store the residue and mix it with water or effluent to make a stable solid and minimise dust when deposited in the landfill. The Agency issued a suspension notice to stop Grundon using the hopper until the reasons for the spillage had been identified and corrected. The notice was lifted after Grundon installed new equipment and changed working procedures.

The spillage had no effect on human health or the environment outside the site boundaries but did represent a breach of a licence condition as it had the potential to cause pollution outside the site boundary.

In September, the site's waste management licence was replaced by a pollution prevention and control permit allowing it to accept hazardous wastes. APC residues, which are hazardous because of their high alkalinity and heavy metal content, are an important waste stream accepted at the site.

The Agency is also investigating why the tipping of contaminated soil at the site in September 2004 triggered a flood of complaints from local residents about odour (ENDS Report 357, p 17 ).

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