Agency concludes audit of Lafarge emissions data

The Environment Agency has issued a formal warning to Lafarge Cement after an in-depth audit of the company's Westbury works revealed an unreported potential breach of an emission limit.

The Agency launched the three-month audit after the company admitted that "rogue staff" had falsified cement quality data (ENDS Report 361, p 3-4 ). It refused to allow a proposed burn of chemical waste until confidence was restored.

A team checked emissions monitoring data from 2002 to 2004.

Agency area manager Tony Owen said the audit "confirmed that Lafarge's environmental management system is robust and reassures us that the data we receive is sound."

However, the audit discovered that a possible minor breach of the site's particulate limit had been recorded by Lafarge's contractors in 2003. The company reported a low figure recorded by its in-house monitoring team instead.

The Agency has warned Lafarge to report all possible exceedences.